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Residential Construction Management Services are offered in two phases: preconstruction and construction. The first phase is a long-term process where we assess customer needs, analyze local market dynamics, and put together a plan to meet our customers needs and budgets. We spend time designing the right solution for your home! In this stage, after a consultation with homeowners or potential homebuyers, we create a budget-friendly project plan together.

The second phase is when all preparation work, such as drafting designs and obtaining necessary permits, has been done. Now it is time for your project to begin, which typically includes surveying land/property boundaries, determining how much excavation will be required based on soil conditions (if any), acquiring materials including concrete blocks, bricks, steel reinforcement rods, etc.

The environment is the third phase in this process, and it will be carried out during the construction period to ensure that any adverse environmental impact from the construction is prevented as much as possible. Our team wants to make sure we are not only helping the community, but also making homes more attractive for future buyers.

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We believe in a collaborative approach! Our team takes time at the beginning of a project to understand our customers needs, and put together a plan that meets their needs within their budget. With our administration philosophy in place, we’ll collaborate with you at every stage of development, from the planning and design stages through the completion of your home.

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